New page on IF WIKIA: virtual airlines

I have recently created a page on IF Wikia on VAs. As I don’t know many VAs, I need community help to list them. For the VA owners, this is your chance to advertise your airline. The link is here:


There are some cargo ones you can add. Recent topic made earlier today.

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Why not make a wikipedia. It would be more known. Amd if someone searched infinte flight the wikipedia you made might show up. This is just a copy of wikipedia to

Look at it closely. Many of the stuff in the Wikipedia article was removed.

Thanks to the guy have added my airline! TravelSky Airlines!

More info, and new updated website:

Updated the website

  • Removed outdated VA description
  • Removed outdated VA list
  • Added brief description of IFVARB (hope to get a more comprehensive description from IFVARB themselves)
  • Added link to original IFVARB IFC post
  • Added link to VA list from IFVARB (Google docs link)
  • I need to learn how to properly make a link appear (yeeaasss that worked)

I’ll continue to update it later


Thanks Sean for contributing in our wiki! 😆


Someone teach me how to link websites on wiki
the square bracket and normal bracket thing doesnt work on Wikia

Spelling error on “Every Airline Avalible

wow this website is seriously outdated
it needs some love :/

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I would try my best to contribute. Let’s chat in PM ;)

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Emirates va has been graded

I’ve linked the official IFVARB list, PM the IFVARB :)

Haha this is hopeless
I can’t even list 🤣🤣

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Fixed the list on VA page

(Painstakingly) Arranged airlines in alphabetical order. That shred about 30% of my battery. Please add by alphabetical order if you find anything missing (please thanks ;-;)

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