New over speed warning

Does anything happen if you ignore the over speed warning besides it getting annoying. I was testing it out but got bored of just flying and listening to warnings.

You get violations if you remain there.


It sounds like a 12 year old girl I just over speed to listen to it 😂


I was kind of hopping that the engines would flame out or explode or something like that.


I’m still waiting for my SAM installments.

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For the love of God, how do I turn off this annoying over speed warning?

You can’t.

If on solo you can turn off help messages which turn off the warning. If on live the same will happen but you will get a violation

I wish you could turn the sound off, keep the message have the option to remove sound.

MaxSez: The “Master Warning Horn” is the Pilots Friend". Fly with precision and you’ll never hear it! If you hear it you’ve screwed up!


Awesome …

They should change it to the 767 overspeed sound, it sounds way better.


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Overspeed is a real-world aviation factor. Outside of IF in the real world, your airframe would get damaged due to overspeed thus the warning; but in IF you just get a violation. Please note IFATC has been instructed to implement a speed restriction of 550KTS (GS) <FL400. As before the 250KTS restriction remains <10000ft. You may be ghosted exceeding these restrictions on the Expert Server. Hope this helps - it’s there for a reason!

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