New Orleans spotting

Back at it with spotting for the 4th day! This time at Louis Armstrong airport!

Airport: KMSY
Server: Solo
Time: Various

Air Canada CRJ9 departing to Toronto

Breeze E190 departing to Jacksonville

Breeze A220-300 landing after its 2 hr flight from Akron/Canton Ohio

Spirit A321 flying overhead as it departs to Los Angelas

British airways B787-10 embarking on its 10 hr flight to London Heathrow

Copa B737-800 buttering after it’s 3.5 hr flight from Panama City

Canyon Blue -700 Touching down early after a flight from Phoenix

Southwest B737-800 blasting off to Cancún Mexico

Sun Country B737-800 rejecting its takeoff because of a 80 yr old man getting up to use the bathroom 💀

Delta B757-200 departing in the distance for it’s 1 hr flight to Atlanta

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Pick my next City to Spot at

  • Chicago Midway
  • Tokyo Haneda
  • Dubai
  • Milan Malpensa

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That old man scared me 😑😑

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I hope the 80-year-old made it out of there okay.

Kids, take this as an important life lesson: USE THE BATHROOM BEFORE BOARDING THE AIRPLANE PLEASE


A bit steep there

They were very light aircraft