New (or old) bug in new Android version?

At the begining I must write that I have experience with previous Global version with 40+hours non stop flight without any glitch. Even I am using phone for incoming calls.

Today I try first to flight to magnetic pole and than to true north pole. And about 4 hors in fligh app closed without any warning. Just closed and finished.

So I think this is maybe a bug inside the code when you enter close to real north pole…

I believe there were server issues earlier on today. That may be the reason why.


Many others have ventured over the North and South Pole. Without actual evidence such as a video and replication of an issue it would be hard to say that this is necessarily a bug or glitch. There were server issues earlier and it seems they have since been resolved by the Infinite Flight Team.

I am just trying again, this time directly to nort pole.

It’s possible you ventured into the North Pole no fly zone. It’s almost Christmas and Santa takes these things seriously. 😉


So I try again now and have no app crash but I find bug in weather/AP, when flying just over the north pole three times, every time I lost my AP because of extreme strong winds in few minutes. And second bug, my small map do not work.

And now some interesting pictures. :-)


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