New Option for Progressive Taxi

I have made an example with gogle maps, but if I am a Cargo Plane, then ATC knows you need to go to cargo area. Look at this:


This would put alot of work on ATC with numerous aircraft asking for taxi instructions to their gate. It would be hectic especially during FNF. Progressive taxi itself requires significantly more attention than normal taxi procedures on a single aircraft.

That would be too work for the IF team because they should set all the terminals for each airport in Infinite Flight just for this option, also adding cargo areas and GA aircraft areas

Yes, I know but it would be only for aircraft that request taxi instructions and not every aircraft would request them.

If it became a feature more pilots would use it not just a single aircraft

It would be a great resource. As well as the pilot’s request for a back-taxi (pardon me if I fled the focus here)
But just one observation: would not it be a lack of pilot planning? Before a flight I look on the global map where the gates are suitable for me to park and memorize a reference point to find them.
But it really would be a great feature you mentioned.

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It has sense, but I was searching the heathrow’s cargo area on google maps to do the photo example I posted above and I didn’t found it.

I mean look at the if map still in the main menu (where you choose the gates).

Instead of adding more and more commands which significantly higher the workload of a controller, my N°1 favorite feature, the Drag And Taxi ground controlling, could solve you problem.
From my personal view the progressive taxi instructions are a step in the right direction but they have limits, especially during busy times. A real taxi map would really much help every ground controller and pilot.


I see the use of this and is a great idea(I for sure need some guidance in some airports as IFATC changes locations weekly) though correct me if I’m wrong, but the implementation of this ‘progressive taxi’ option is to ease out/minimise congestion, interruption and confusions in the ground traffic when in busy active airports

A quick example here is image
Taken probs around 2 weeks ago in one of IFATC’s schedule, where you can see a number of our fellow pilots that was at this airport queuing up and taxiing…

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It would mean ATC being really familiar with every airport. I’m sure it would be fine if you were a regular at that airport and knew all the gates / zones. I think it’s a bit much to put on the controller, ground can be debilitating enough (if it’s busy) to control without having to think about directing an aircraft to a particular area. Having said that, if it becomes a thing and we have to do it i guess we will have to pull up the ground charts for each airport. It would be nice if taxi lights (haha) guided each aircraft so it could be automated and the controller just kept an eye out for conflicts.

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It could be interesting the idea of taxi lights, but there could be an option for the ATC that when he selects an aircraft it shows on which gates it can go


Wouldn’t it just be easier to put the gates on the live server maps just like when you’re first choosing a spawn gate? I’ve always wondered why that wasn’t the case. I frequently park the wide bodies at gates that technically aren’t large enough to handle something as large as say an A380, but when taxing to parking there’s no way to tell what gates are what. Letting me see the gates on the airport map after landing would easily solve this problem since it would also point you to the cargo ramps.

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I mean this a good idea - and to prevent the too much pilots requesting it problem, why not add a message in the ATIS saying “Progressive taxi to gate service unavailable due to traffic/at this time.”

I don’t see this happening.

It’s a pilot’s job to know where to park, not the controller’s. We can’t (and won’t) spoon feed you instructions right to your gate.

Progressive taxi is only used in order to avoid potential conflict or congestion, and that’s already a lot of work. Using it for “aesthetic” purposes would kill the ground controller.

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Well I think that is possible already because I have heard atc say “—- Expect progressive taxi”

Then later he says “—- turn on the next taxi way”

Or something like that

An idea would be to place the “follow me car” option that would be triggered by the pilot choosing the desired terminal / gate.
I do not know if this is feasible at the moment.

I like this idea! It would helpful for places like LAX where I have noticed that IFATC frequently refuses to let planes request taxi to the opposite side (southside gates to the 24s and northside to the 25s) for what I am presuming is wanting to avoid congestion on the bridges. However most departures off 24 are to the North and west while 25 is mostly east and south. So with progressive taxi, ground could have more authority on where planes taxi, instead of flat out refusing them.

Hello! I’ll close this to save your votes. I certainly appreciate the request but it’s suggesting that controllers are responsible for doing your planning. This would easily double the workload. There are countless resources and diagrams available to show you where appropriate parking is, common arrival/departure procedures, and more.

Future iterations of this feature will likely allow pilots to make requests for clarification but it will never result in us doing the pilot’s job in choosing an appropriately sized parking space. Cheers!