New on the Expert Server

Hey everyone!

I finally hit grade 3 and I’m very excited to fly on the expert server… :)
Are there any tutorials how to use atc on the ES and which rules need to be respected.

Thank you guys and have a great weekend


The big thing is to follow atc instructions and don’t interfere with others. And have fun.

The commands are the same on both servers.


Yes, there are tutorials on YouTube

I found this good one:

If you need some more you can checkout #tutorials .


I also think there is a topic about
“What habits to leave on Training server before you go onto Expert


Remember, don’t get scared and quit if I tell you to follow instructions or you will get ghosted. That is me giving you a change to correct your mistake and I am pretty lenient so if you can figure out what happened don’t leave immediately.


Good point @sk28
Here’s more on this: Don't quit when you get Please follow instructions


Additionally, look at Infinite Flight’s YouTube channel! They have a ton of tutorials about ATC, so it’ll help you to know what’s going on from the controller’s side. Good luck and happy flying!

Generally, the commands are pretty self explanatory. Like “Turn left heading 070, descend and maintain 3,500 feet”. Just follow those, and follow EVERYTHING to the dot. The only one I would learn well is “maintain alt until established, clear approach” as it is not super clear. IFATC is not out there to ghost you, but to help you enjoy your experience. Most (not all) are lenient with pilots-a simple mistake is not going to get you ghosted unless you’re interfering with traffic.

Welcome to the expert server and thank you for making the effort to meet the expected standards!

Go through all the topics in the #tutorials category to make sure you have all the information you need to enjoy the expert server experience.

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