New on Infinite Flight!

Hi Guys, Im new to this Simulator. Just download it yesterday and I just finish Grade 1. Now im in Grade 2 and have access to Training Server. However, I didnt see any physical Airplane only the rectangle amd pilots name.
How to make the other Airplane visible ? Is it only available in Expert Server only??


Hello and welcome!

In order to see more airplanes in live go to “Settings” then “Live” and change “Airplane Count” to a higher setting. Do note that this may have a negative impact on the performance of your device.


the airplane is in my game. All my setting High and Very High for airplane count. What I mean is The actual airplane livery. how to make it visible??

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by making the livery visible, can you elaborate? If your settings are on High or Very High you should see other aircraft and their livery. Please be aware that in very busy airspaces not all aircraft are visible even on the Very High setting as displaying all aircraft will significantly reduce performance.

Can you send a screen shot of what you are referring to? What camera view are you in that you are not seeing something?

Also, make sure to “Show airplane dots” is enabled

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i only see the dots and pilot or aircraft name, not the actual airplane…

It depends on how far away they are. If its a plane that is across the airport from you it may only show the square. It wont show the physical plane until you get closer to them.

Are you on Wifi or Cellular? There is a setting to download planes over wifi only which could explain what you are seeing where the plane is not downloading

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See, right next to me at parking bay, Only showing square and names. Do I need to download one by one or it will self download after i tick on auto download over celular in the live setting?

It will auto download. If you use the free cam and get closer to the aircraft it may force it to download.


now i get it… Thanks chris… appreciated your help…

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