New “Off-Topic” Category

I think it would be a good idea to have a new off topic catagory, obviously this would be for topics unrelated to aviation and Infinite Flight. Sometimes you just want to ask a question or say something but you don’t know whether or not you should post it in the forums. This would be a good way to “de-clog” the forums of random posts because they could just be put here. Topics in this catagory wouldn’t be closed for getting off topic because, well… they’re already off topic. Please let me know your thoughts on this idea!

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If the Lounge was open to everyone, the forum would be 90% off topic and 10% aviation.


This is a forum so it’s a no from me.

It’s a great idea but mods will end up closing every topic. No point

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There already is one of these categories, but it is reserved for regular and higher TLs only.
I would give you the whole “How to become a regular speech” but I am sure you have already heard it.


This literally defeats the whole purpose of having an Aviation forum. Next thing you know, people are posting about cars, cats, and their football games.


The off topic aka the Ghosted Topic. This is the IFC not the chit chat forum


Haven’t we all lol

There are many other platforms available on the internet if you wish to go off-topic. This is not one of them though :)