New night flight brightness?

Hi guys,

How is it so bright approaching midnight at EGLL - considering the current weather conditions/season in the UK?

Looks quite good to be honest, can actually see the taxiway lines and enjoy a night flight in the UK for once.

Is it always going to be like this now instead of pitch black?

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That’s the moon’s light. Look up 👍🏻


I know that in real life it’s pretty bright out tonight with the full moon. The deer are running all over my back yard.


Incredible. Its still quite dark in england right now - poor weather.

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It sure is! This is the only time I will fly during the night time, when the time selected has a great backlit sky courtesy of the moon. It’s not easy to find when this time may be for every country though sadly.

I’m sure if IF gets clouds it could more accurately simulate the real conditions. The moon is bright and very much visible in real life but it’s not too bright thanks to the cloud cover.


It’s the best for pattern work, it’s so cool. Check this out.

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Thanks for this, very useful!

probably it is for the moon to show and have beautiful pictures I like it and i can also see

just saying i’m not blind people

Just for reference, this is how bright the moon has been over bristol this evening. Happens to be the “beaver moon” or I suppose full moon is also another term for it 🤷

(This was a longer exposure image on my phone, but the moon was Hella lit today)


kinda looks like a sun

Deer+crush=Deer crusher


I just hit the tarmac in KPIE and it was the first time I’ve taxied again night and was able too see where I was going😂

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But that’s London not Virginia

@BadPlane I’m not sure what your point is. Look here ;)

It’s not in Virginia it’s clearwater Florida. I was just saying it’s like that in Florida and I’m not sure of your point

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