New navigation command for Approach, Center, Departure

I’m not a hundred percent sure if this on Tower but I’m pretty sure it isn’t.

The command that I am requesting is another instruction that ATC would use to navigate the aircraft, correct me if I’m wrong. The feature would allow ATC to command an aircraft to proceed to a navaid/fix.

ATC: XXXX proceed direct to navaid/fix
PILOT: Proceeding direct to navaid/fix XXXX

It would bring more precise headings. Though some regions are full of fixes/navaids it could be shown on the heading icon for that fix.

How would this work in the simulator?


I mean, but then the pilot would have to find the navaid first, which takes a while if you’re in a region like SoCal.

But what if it would show the direction to the fix on the autopilot heading setting?

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Well then that would be great, but that’s a whole other feature. :)

It might be a whole other feature but I’ll include it just to answer that question.

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So for example, ATC would click “Assign Navaid”, and then a bar would come up saying “Select Navaid” (shown on the map, not in a list) and then they would click “Send”.

“Lufthansa 35, proceed towards navaid GDESK”

And on the pilot’s screen, the heading for the navaid will be given when you click “Acknowledge”.

Great idea!


Good idea, this could be a nice feature


It’s all coming together :)

True-but if you’ve got a flight plan, they can see it and ask you for direct to a waypoint right?


That would also be a major help to the controller.

they could handle it like Holds. If they acknowledge, the flight director takes them on a heading direct to.

prope ATC terminology is “SpeedBird 1255, Cleared Direct Salt Lake.” Or proceed Direct SLC. That would clear the aircraft straight to Salt Lake VORTAC.

It will help to see these screens on IF. I mean the aircrafts in the middle.
But now, we are seeing different aircrafts from different angles from different/same countries.

If this feature would come, i also would like to see aircrafts which are following each other (at least similar ways) for approaching.