New nav help

I am trying to follow my flight plan but i cannot figure out which nav button i need to press to make it follow the route.

can someone help

im in the a320


These tutorials should help you through out your flight

To tune the Autopilot into your flight plan click ‘AP’> ‘Nav’


Adding on to @Ecoops123, be sure that your source (found in the NAV setting) is set to GPS and not NAV1 or 2.

Hi thanks, i haven’t played IF in ages (6 months) the new system is just really confusing me out ahah. What does Nav 1 and Nav 2 mean?

These are just settings that can contain things like ILS approaches for runways, VORs, etc. You can add a runway/VOR to a NAV heading. Check out the topics linked above for more information. :)

Basically, when you file your flight plan, work out which runway you want to land at. If it has instrument systems (such as ILS), once you get closer to your destination airport, click on it on the map. Then, go to runways, and click on the runway you want to land at, and click SET NAV 1. Then, when you are coming into land, (I would recommend once you have been established on the localizer), set the source (found in the NAV panel), to NAV 1. You will then be able to use your instruments.

Please actually watch the videos posted above.It’ll give you a clear understanding.

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