New NATS Chart System for the UK!

Hello fellow aviators!

If you have tried to find some charts for the United Kingdom off the official UK ATC website, NATS, the charts have been moved to a new sector on the site which a few people I know haven’t been able to access it due to the lack of links etc. So, below, I have linked that following page below with instructions on how to get your UK Charts!

To see the charts for the airport, open the link and
• On the left side, Under Part 3 - Aerodromes, click on AD2 - Aerodromes and
• Then select the airport you would like
• Then scroll to “charts related to an aerodrome”
• Then there are your charts!
Here is the link to the page on NATS

I hope this has helped some of you guys out with finding the charts and don’t forget to like!

Happy Landings!
Samuel R


I absolutely hate the new user interface.

Still thanks for sharing!


It is a little more difficult to use but at least we can still access it! No problem!

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That’s very much true!

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I have added an edit to further assist the findings of the charts

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