New names for approach & center sectors

I think it is confusing for pilots and ATC alike when looking at the frequencies to see 5+ SoCal approaches, or 2 La centers. They should be more defined. It is easy to know what tower or ground to be on, let’s clarify the approach and center sectors.


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I agree. I am sure this is designed to mimic real life but for our purpose we could use more specificity. For example, if you go to log into KSNA approach there is one for that airport only, and one that covers several airports. I logged into the KSNA only version but it shows as “So Cal Approach” to everyone so they don’t know what my area of coverage was. I was getting requests for several airports. In this case, KSNA Approach would have been a more clear designation.

In airports like KLAX, we should also define the multiple tower and ground frequencies by runway or airport side. These is no guidance yet how to use the multiple frequencies.


It’s a long time ago since the last post, but it seems, this feature didn’t make it.

I totally understand and agree (I’m quite sure, almost everybody does), and I don’t see any problems in naming the 5 SoCal Approaches unique (at least at the playground), so that pilots and controller can choose the right frequency.

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@hjo… Max Sez… Back from the grave! Great research job Hans. This one needs looking at again. Do good work! Regards

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Haven’t heard that one in a while!

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