New/Modified Aeroflot Airbus A350-900

Aeroflot A350

Aeroflot just received their first A350. The new livery is quite nice, very Russian.

So I think it is time we add it to the A350 lineup.

No real details are needed as the picture should speak a thousand words.

Okay, scratch that. Here we go:

Why do we need it? Aeroflot has been around for a while as an airline. The new A350-900 livery they introduced is quite stunning for a eurowhite. I think it would be a good idea to have this livery as it could also allow our Russian friends to get in on the A350 trends!

Original Thread:

I think that the new livery is nice, but if they threw back in the light grey it would be perfect!

I’ll see if I can save a vote.


I’ll vote for it!


Да очень много русских Yes, very much Russian.
I’d be down to see this. Can’t pare a vote though.


Voted for it!


Oh no. @Gm2kmike20 will be very sad to see this.

I will defiantly see if i can clear a vote for this.


Simple and elegant, love it.


Why would I be sad about this?

Voted for this


Well if I recall, you said “Hmm yeah but thank god it didn’t go eurowhite.”

Well, I am sorry to say but it has gone Eurowhite.

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It’s not that bad I like that they kept the grey but I think all silver would have been better but I quite like this one as long as it has Aeroflot on the bottom

And btw since this is Aeroflot I’m gonna go clear up a vote for this

Did google translate do that for you?

No way! The livery just got better.

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You forgot the part where I said As long as

Man I think I just got -3 IQ smh.

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And @Mattheus why didn’t you take my in the original post two times haven’t been tagged for this topic

Some of it. I know Да (yes), Русских (Russia) and Много (much). Plus a few other things.

My IRL name; Броди Сир, Ok; Жрошо

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B e a u t i f u l. I very much hope to see this in IF on my lifetime.


So we have the wrong livery in IF.
Presumably all new aircraft will be in the new livery