New Model Airport layout (Hillsborough International Airport)

Today, I decided to make a modification to my Airport, but this time, I bought a couple of large papers (that unfortunately don’t fit the entire top) to make a new Mat on.

My Airport Information

My Airport is named the Hillsborough International Airport (KHIL/HIL).

Since this is just a scale model, the airport isn’t fully developed yet (obviously due to space). The Terminal houses 6 Jetways and one hard stand gate (with a few hardstands on the other side).
The Airport’s main tenant is Delta. Delta uses the entire Terminal during peak times, and on occasion, A charter may use a gate if not occupied.

Airlines and Destinations

Here is a list of airlines that service KHIL

Airline Destination
American Airlines Charlotte, Dallas-Ft. Worth, New York-JFK
Seasonal: Chicago-O’Hare
Delta Air Lines Atlanta, Baltimore-Washington, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Greensboro (NC), Grand Rapids, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Memphis, Miami, Paris-Charles De Gaulle, Ft. Lauderdale, Tokyo-Haneda, Washington-National
Seasonal: Key West, Myrtle Beach, Savanna-Hilton
Delta Connection Atlanta, Boston, Cleveland, Detroit
Seasonal: Charlotte
Emirates Seasonal: Dubai
Frontier Cleveland, Orlando
Seasonal: San Juan (PR)
United Chicago-O’Hare, Newark
Seasonal: Washington-Dulles

Custom Destinations

If you want to serve my airport with any of the airplanes pictured, please let me know. I have a few other airplanes I have that are stored away for now.


Here are the pictures of when I was making the new layout
Begining to make the taxi lines for the gates

Making the stopping point for each airplane

Marked each compatible airplane

Gate 3. Notice the split line for the A350. This gate is now capable of the A350 and 767

Completed Airport

A350 parked at Gate 3
A United 777-200ER charted from Chicago, going to Los Angeles

Thanks very much for taking the time to read my post. Hopefully this will inspire some of you to create your very own little airport :).


Question: Can either American fly to KDCA (an American hub) or Delta fly to KDCA (as KHIL is clearly a Delta hub)? And can United fly to KIAD, with Southwest going to KBWI and/or KDCA? Just wondering.


Yes, I unfortunately have the 737-MAX9 and 777-200 for United Models, and since the MAX is grounded, I don’t know what I’d do for flights

Yes, I unfortunately again only have the MAX for American…

If I had a Southwest Model, yes, definitely. Southwest models sold out before I could get mines though :(

I could add more Delta flights, but I need more gates and more airplanes for that lol.

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Well, I’m not rushing you to buy a United 737-700/800/900, an American 738, A320, or A321, or a Southwest 737/738. You never said I was

Everyday i’m looking for models, specifically Southwest (Very rare). Sadly money is an issue lol.


Thought I’d show you all that the Delta A350 has returned to its normal gate. The UA 772 is being towed to a remote stand after coming back to the airport due to some issues. The pilot of the UA 772 requested to be towed, and it’ll be assessed by a mechanic. The UA 772 will depart later if all goes well.


With the order of the new MD88 and B717, we’re launching new routes from KHIL!
HIL is also receiving new service from Frontier and Emirates as well!

New routes (Daily):

New Routes (Seasonal):

American Airlines
New Routes (Daily):

New Routes (Seasonal):

Frontier Airlines (Beginning new service)
New Routes (Daily):

New Routes (Seasonal):

Emirates Airlines (beginning new service)
New Routes (Seasonal):

You can view these new changes in the Original post above once it has been updated

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