New MMMX Procedures

Hey everyone! Hola a todxs!

As a lot of people could have noticed, Mexico City’s airport, MMMX, has changed its arrival procedures or STARS. Sadly, we don’t have them yet in Infinite Flight, so I wanted to try them and I found them, so here they are for you keep up with the games realism!

I put a lot of effort into it, so I wish everyone can use them, enjoy them!

New MMMX Arrivals Pic (RWY 05)

New MMMX Arrivals Pic (RWY 23)

Link to download (Drive, only for iOS)
New MMMX Arrivals - Google Drive

How to use download/use them?

  1. Download the “Drive” app
  2. Open the link
  3. Choose which STAR (arrival) you’d like to download
  4. Click on the three dots and select the option “Open in”
  5. Select the option “Save to files”
  6. Once you’ve done it with all the STARS you’d like to download, simply open the file directly from Infinite Flight and it’ll automatically get added to your FlightPlan

Let me know if you guys liked them or if you have any problems, and if you want me also to upload the new SID’s (Departures) let me know because i have them as well;)


No wonder I didn’t get many good views on approach there 😑

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RIP, I got ENAGA1A. The other ones seem very close to the mountains, you’re right!

Buen trabajo carnal

I would like to purchase the MMMX outputs!

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