New Military Aircrafts

Hello, I’ve been playing Infinite Flight for a few years. I enjoy flying commercial jets, but I prefer to fly military aircrafts. I feel as though we need new military jets, such as the Hercules (c-130J), Globemaster (C-17), BAE146 and Poseidon MRA1 just to name a few.

If this isn’t possible, perhaps adding more liveries to the current jets would be a good addition. I like to fly different Air Force’s including the US air force and the RAF. Despite this, I feel as though we need more liveries for the RAF, as there is only 1 (the 50 year anniversary). I know its a minor issue but I have flown these aircrafts several times and I’d much prefer more liveries.


You are in luck - the F/A18 is currently being reworked!

You can vote for your favorite liveries and aircraft in #features. Please use this avenue in the future.

Both answers above are correct 😊