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I understand the training server is just that, but is there a way to code in the ability to respond to controllers stating I am on freq X when they demand to contact them? For example, when at LAX there will be 4 controllers saying to tune i to their freq. There should be a way to let them know. Common sense isn’t so common, or else they would look up the plane profile to see what freq it is turned into. That is what I do when I control. Also, why isnt ATIS available for training? I would like to be abke to issue some directions to avoind the utter cluster and s**t show it can become sometimes. I hope to become a controller for the expert servier eventually. I would also love to be able to provide a good as real (as much as the TS would allow) experience. Also, has there ever been thought on allowing more than 1 tower controller. Againin LAX, it wouldve nice to have 2 people in the tower to say split the north and south runways. They would have to be able to communicate somehow. The ability to communicate between approach, departure, tower, etc would also be nice. I am new to this forum so I apologize if this has veen answered already. Thanks.

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Unfortunately, ATC in the training server is horrible, catastrophic at most times. It’s mostly inexperienced and untrained players controlling on there, as anyone who pleases can do so.

The option of having multiple controllers on one Freq. (e.g. two on tower, two on ground) is already available on the expert server. On the training server that wouldn’t work, for the same reasons as why you’re never going to have good ATC service on the training servers (except maybe within an IFATC tracking thread as these controllers are genuinely trying!)

The expert server is the place to be for much better service, as those controllers are trained and supervised :)

Happy flying!

Yea you kind of just have to bear with it until you qualify for expert server atc. One you reach that goal never look back to the training server.

You can also try to fly tracking threads…there you’ll find ATC’s in training so the experience can be better 😉


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