New MEA A321neo Livery

My national airline Middle East Airlines (Lebanon) 🇱🇧 is based at Beirut Rafic Hariri Int’l Airport/OLBA & commonly known as MEA will get her A321NEO delivery in March and thats its new livery so Infinite Flight can you please make this livery on the current A321 or replace it. THANKS :)


Only 1 picture per request please!

I do think we are a bit low on MEA’s fleet. OLBA gets quite pathetic without it’s flag carrier.


I didn’t even know that they were getting an A321NEO nor a new livery. Very interesting!


Also, it would be nice to have maybe a bit more info about the airline, the livery etc…
The more you write (and the nicer the thread looks), the more people will vote.

I think it is a very good idea though, and I really like the livery!

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They are also getting A330-900NEO and the first to get A321LXR


Right, now I remember a bit. Thanks! Great choice of aircrafts!


Saw this on Instagram, I really like it!

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