New map

The New map in Warsaw Chopin Kraków Gdańsk poznań wrocław etc.

Sorry, is this a feature request? We don’t understand what you’re saying

I think he means he wants a Poland map and this should be a feature.

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i request the first country in a full map ! What do you think if i say you “Switzerland Region”?

This idea is “In Review” 2 years ago! Please review that now, this is a great idea! (including BSL airport and nearby around Switzerland.

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Or make Amsterdam London Paris together as one big region

good idea but dont forget the RAM…

what happend whit the RAM if u make big region ?? i think it will not effect with the RAM , RAM maybe effect if u have new features or new animation features .

okay… dont forget the loading of the flight risk to are more long.

yes its true , dev must be find the solution for that