New Lufthansa Boeing 747-400


So,this is the new updated lufthansa livery on the 747-400 IMO,the updated livery is much better and i dont know why but it looks better on the 400 rather than the 8…

Source:PICTURES: Lufthansa tests brighter version of new livery on 747 | News | Flight Global

It’s a different shade of blue on this one. Lufthansa didn’t like the new livery because it looked grey in bad weather so they put more colour into it.


I do like this one more cause of its matte paint! I’ll vote 👌

Would love to see her in IF of course 😍

Wierd, i thought that lufthansa would phase out their 744 and therefor not Invest in new liveries… 748, A320Neo and A350 would seem likely but the old ones? Why?

Their oldest 747-400 is 22 years old and the newest is only 16, they have a few years left in them.


Ok, that sounds reasonable.

I think they only repainted this one for livery tests.

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I did some more research to back up my post.

Lufthansa plans to retire their 400s by 2025, seven years from now. This aircraft is D-ABVM (I think) which is only 20 years old, keep in mind that these larger aircraft aren’t exactly doing five or six flights a day like a smaller aircraft, they are doing one or two. This allows the aircraft to have very few hours, yet many years of operation. I think that seven years is plenty of time to repaint their 747-400s in the new livery as they will still have a few years left once they are finished.

And also, I thought that Lufthansa wouldn’t be going out of their way to repaint aircraft, they would just get the new livery on when the aircraft would normally be going in the shop for a repaint. So when any aircraft needs a repaint, they will get one. I guess this -400 was just next in line.


Love to see old planes with an fresh new livery like th LH cargo MD

This beautiful coloring should be added to the IF.


If you rework the 747-400, please add this paint job.


The 744 needs a rework or wingflex atleast, I can’t fly any of the aircraft that don’t have wingflex. Then the new livery👍


Please everyone vote for this beautiful plane.

Huh wonder how this has been inactive for so long… bump

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Would be great to fly on the longest current 744 route from EDDF to RKSI.

Bump it!!!

🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍 LH 747


This one looks nice


It coming back!