New Lufthansa Airbus A340-600

Lufthansa A340-600 - New Livery

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General Information

The airline with the most revenue in Europe, Lufthansa, is also widely known for operating a wide range of aircraft and especially a plethora of 4-engine aircraft as well. Since the 11th of March 2022, the 2nd longest aircraft in their fleet is back in service. The A340-600 would therefore be great to get the livery of Lufthansa. Currently, we do have the old livery, but before the pandemic, the first A346s were also equipped with the new livery. In order to make flying the A346 a little cooler even without a rework or when the rework comes, the addition of this livery would be phenomenal! If you also like the aircraft and livery, feel free to vote!

Lufthansa A340-600 Destinations

Note - I only included regular flights and no one-offs or summer peak destinations

The Aircraft

The A340-600 is the biggest member of the A340 series and it is relatively young with its test flights only taking place in 2007. It is the longest plane Airbus has ever built with 75,36m long and can accommodate up to 475 passengers in a high-density configuration. However, Lufthansa’s A340-600s are configured in a 4-class layout with First, Business, Premium, and Economy Class and fit 297 passengers. The plane is also known for the row of windows in the back of the plane bending upwards. This is to create a little more space for toilets which can be found on a lower deck on the A340-600.
Another outstanding statistic about the plane is its range. With a range of 7800nm, it is still one of the planes with the furthest range and was previously used by Singapore Airlines to fly the longest route in the world from Singapore to New York.
Lufthansa had a fleet of 17 A340-600s during the peak of operations.

The Airline

Lufthansa is the main airline of the Lufthansa Group, the biggest European Airline Group revenue-wise. The German flag carrier operates a huge fleet of 281 in the main airline but 331 aircraft also counting Lufthansa CityLine. The airline operates a vast route network to over 250 destinations in 77 countries (pre-pandemic) and serves every continent besides Australia and Antarctica.
The main hub of Lufthansa is Frankfurt (EDDF/FRA) while Munich (EDDM/MUC) is the secondary and premium orientated hub.
The airline group has 110.000+ employees and (partially) owns over 550 companies in different fields of business. Other Lufthansa Group airlines include Austrian, Swiss, Brussels, Eurowings, Eurowings Discover, Air Dolomiti, AeroLogic, and more.

You really like the A340 lol. It would be nice to have in IF, but I won’t vote quite yet. Maybe after it gets a light rework tho :D

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When the A346 rework is announced, I will definitely remember this topic.


Yeah, I do ^^ Hopefully the rework comes relatively soon, even though I don’t expect that to happen. I still hope that they can squeeze in the “light” rework somewhere

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Thanks mate!

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I guess I also have to share this gorgeous photo here:


Instead of the planned 5, Lufthansa is reactivating a total of 8 A340-600s this summer!


Did you know that the A340-600 is Airbus’ longest plane ever made?


The Lufthansa A340-600 will be used from Munich this summer season to answer first-class demand. Since the start of the pandemic, Munich has no First Class offer, but this will change with the 8 first class seats per plane the 8 A346s will offer.


I would absolutely love to have this in the sim!

I like the old livery better, Hm but still Voted!

Thanks a lot! I also love the old livery, but looking into the future the new livery will be more realistic. Thanks for voting!

I agree. Speaking of realistic, out of 5 that have left in Lufthansa fleet, only 1 has the Eurowhite livery
D-AIHI. The D-AIHP, D-AIHT, D-AIHU, D-AIHV carries the old livery. I doubt they will spend money to repaint it for couple of years to usage until retirement. I’ll stick with the old one. It’s more realistic. We have already plenty of Eurowhites nowadays.

The old one is also a Eurowhite though. The grey strip doesn’t make up for that. Given the blue of the tail in the new livery extends further down, you could say the new livery actually moved a little away from being Eurowhite, at least per definition

This would be so nice…

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Another A340-600 is in the process of being reactivated making there be one more reason to add the current livery by basically the only scheduled passenger operator into the game.

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With the return of 10 A340-600s to service with Lufthansa, a new touch of life would be even more useful now.

I like A346 ,I wish they can rework A346.

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Bump bump bump !

Want this? Let’s vote!