New Lufthansa A380-800

Hello, IFC,
I’m requesting the A380 with the new Lufthansa livery on it.


The Airbus A380-800 can carry a crew of 14 and 853 passengers at a speed of 510 knots, with a range of 8,207NM and a service ceiling of 43,000 feet. It has a wingspan of 80M and a length of 73M.
This is Airbus’s Iconic double decker, wide body long haul airliner.
It’s MTOW is 569,000Kg, it has a MLW of 391,000Kg and it’s empty weight is 276,800Kg.


Lufthansa was founded in 1953 and is now based in Frankfurt and Munich. With a fleet of 293, it serves 220 destinations. It has 129,424 employees and the company slogan is “say yes to the world”.
Lufthansa recently made a new dark blue livery which (In my opinion) suits the A380 perfectly.


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Thank You!

what do you think?

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This has got to be one of the most beautiful A380 liveries out there!


If you would like it, please vote!

I’m not sure it’s needed to say that in bold since that is typically what people do when they like something…

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I’m very surprised that no one made a request topic for this one before!

I didn’t think I’d ever say this about a plane, but god, I hate it so much. It’s so much worse than their old one! There’s no colour


This gets my vote. I would love to see this in infinite flight.

Flew on that plane a couple of times and just saw it in EDDF. You have my vote for sure. I mean it’s Lufthansa so I voted before I wrote this

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Would be nice if they would add some new Liveries to the A380 with the new graphics touch up!

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I would love to see it in IF! Especially since the A380 is dieing in RL i would love to keep him alive in IF! Its my favoritue aircraft


And there really couldn’t be a better time to add the livery

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Let’s go and vote for it ! It will be ad in future updates!!

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I like the old livery a bit more but I’ll consider this one 😍




One of the most beautiful plane of Airbus !

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THE A380 is the most imposing commercial aircraft out there, and Lufthansa’s new livery is awesome, it reminds me of a white shark or killer whale with that livery, hope to see it being added for the A380 rework.



The first A380 is returning to FRA for a complete check before on Friday! This is in preparation for its redeployment to MUC next summer

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Lufthansa is now considering bringing back all 8 A380s instead of just four and also retrofitting it with the new cabin, including the Allegris business class.