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Hey Infinite Flight, I am in love with your app its awesome! But i have a few ideas. I would recommend to add more detail, not to your airplanes but to the landscape. For example actually create the airport building and other building just make more detail that would be amazing. Also make some of the instruments in the aircraft actually work. Thanks for reading and btw Its just a suggestion. Your welcome for the idea Byeee!

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Welcome to the forum, this appears to be a duplicate. Before posting check to see if there are topics already created with your same idea


Welcome to the forums! You need to reach a TL2 (member) trust level in order to post things in the #features category. In order to reach there, simply browse and respond to other topics on the forums. Read more about it here:

Just like @David_Hopkins said, this is a duplicate topic. Here are topics that have been made, continue your discussions there:

Cheers and enjoy your stay! :)