New longest non-stop flight (Doha Auckland)

I know that the A340 and A330 have a special container for deceased. I dont know about the 777.

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You’re not diverting for one deceased person unless it’s clearly contagious.

I’d probably eat everything off their menu.

If you are an hour out of Doha and have a deceased, then yes, I can guarantee you they will divert back. Especially if seating requires paying passengers to have to sit next to a deceased for another 16 hours. Rigormortus sets in, the body goes purple, and a hot tip, your bowels pretty much completely empty as there no muscle restraint anymore.

Also, the cabinets, if installed, are done by the Airlines. I think Singapore had one over 10 years ago. It’s not as easy as just ‘stuffing the body in a cabinet’… it needs to be completely strapped in

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