New longest non-stop flight (Doha Auckland)

Oh well…and I’m still waiting for EK to inaugurate flights to MPTO.😕😕


They are delaying it for some unknown reason.

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I really struggled flying Melbourne to Doha. That was 14h and 30min. I could never do it again and despite the fact that this route is infact direct, I’d personally have to have a layover somewhere.

That would be quite a challenge or even try flying from Dallas to Doha not sure how this would play out in Infinite Flight,but i guess the App is there to test the limits

I wonder how did Air India did that before in Oct 2016 although being one of the creepiest airlines I’ve ever seen 😂

apparently when it was measured this new route from Doha to Auckland is a bit longer…

People ask what we would do for that long.
My answer? Contemplate what I’m going to do about the blood clots that have probably been forming in my legs after sitting that long.

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Winds say no more!(the winds in Pacific Ocean)

I would die doing this flight

On paper it doesn’t look that far!

Why is it such a bad thing people talking about does it negatively affect you?

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I don’t want to see a whole new topic on the forum every time someone attempts a 12 hour flight, when their IF crashes 9 hours into it, they get ghosted over the Passific, or they run out of fuel. I am not looking forward to the chaos that this will bring.


Aw man! No more DFW to Sydney as the longest nonstop flight 😢😢

I agree. While Global will bring extraordinary changes to IF, the community will likely get a wave of spam posts such as bugs, already answered/obvious-if-they-seek-it-out questions, and my most feared of all: more requests.

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Exactly, while I appreciate Global, and the work the Devs put into it, I probably will be bashing heads on the forum with people

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Join the club rob! @ChiknNRice;

couldn’t agree with you more, quite scared actually


It’s times like this where we should be gathering together and getting ready for the flood that is approaching. Prepare yourselves, people.

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Lots of duplicates, multiple mental breakdowns from peanuts reporting they cannot purchase global when they’ve already purchased it, and we can’t forget people requesting reworking or adding new aircraft that’ve been requesting 10001 times!

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From what I understand, they actually have storage for deceased on ultra long flights like this.

Not that I’m aware of. The deceased is moved to an empty row near the back if seating permits, and this includes moving other passengers around to create an empty row etc. Failing that, it will be placed into a crew seat at the rear, and one flight attendant will sit next to it, and the other will take the original seat of the deceased.

They still have to be seated upright with a seatbelt for landing

Also, although it’s ‘ultra long haul’ the routing takes it past many places to divert - India, Indonesia / Malaysia / Singapore, Australia - Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney. They would simply divert if there was a deceased, and you’d almost always be within 2 hours of an airport.