New longest non-stop flight (Doha Auckland)

This flight is maybe an idea to fly when global flights comes, it is 16 Hours and 20 minuts long from doha to Auckland and back it Will take 1 hour and 20 minuts longer (so 17 hours and 40 min). Qatar airways uses a 777-200LR.


Imagine you must fly 16+ Hours and sit down al that time. But you Will see the half off the world.

Will you foy this route in IF/real world?


If I were flying first class, I would cherish every moment.


Yea, but I think it Will be really expensive Haha, but you see the half of the world then.(Well… mostly see, but a bit of India and Australia)


Lovely, it looks like it trails the very edge of the convergence zone.


I think I won’t spend almost half of my day just for flying this route 😂😂😂

Btw, It’s a great news indeed! It’s nice to see more Ultra LH Flights flying around the globe!


I wouldn’t fly it too haha


Definitely wouldn’t fly it. If, and only if, I fly long routes, it will be DXB-PTY on the EK 77L.
I believe this route will be obsolete as the longest by the Perth-London service that Qantas announced, right?

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Haha, I’d fly it…or try to, at least.

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This flight is 18hrs not 16hrs!

Yes if you are going back, or my national news site had it wrong

And a lot of ocean lol

Until you disappear like MH370 in the same area


does this mean turbulence?

According to Google Flights, there’s no WiFi and no power in economy. Yikes!

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IFE and power per SeatGuru.

The longest I have flown is for 15hrs 30mins… not fun at all. I’d rather fly from LAX or SFO to Australia or New Zealand.

17h17m on the return, hopefully there are more than two meals in Economy, or else the passengers are going to starve.

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Nope the DOH to AKL is 18hrs while the return is 16hrs.

No, it’s not, especially if people are gonna be trying these out in IF and talking about it

Yah 😂, but at least it will be more convinient to the (Real World) Passengers as they don’t need to waste their time because of transit.