New London Heathrow Expansion Plans

                                                     **New London Heathrow Expansion Plans**

A group named Aurora is proposing a new Terminal at London Heathrow (LHR/EGLL)
The new terminal would enable a further 50 million passengers to travel through and also the terminal
would be known as Terminal 6.

The new terminal would be located according to Aurora on the west side of the airport and close to Terminal 5
As mentioned The terminal will be called “Terminal 6” however it will as well be broken up originally into two parts,
6A and 6B now these two will bring 35 million but as I said it will be 50 million, now that’s where there is a proposed extension on top of 6a and 6b which will be joined as 6C. Which will then carry a further 15 million passengers?

The total Aurora think it will be is:
around a nineteen billion dollars.

Also note:

    1. Heathrow would only be willing to pay if the product was absolutely perfect
  • IAG (the owners of British Airways) who of course use Heathrow as their Hub/Home is very interested in the opportunities that this extension could provide to British Airways.

  • Virgin Atlantic has as well confirmed their interest.

  • Also, it’s worth mentioning that the people running Heathrow believe the plan should have been placed in years ago.

There is also a plan of a new third runway coming to Heathrow.

What are your thoughts on this? Are they doing good decisions?


Okay. I’ve worked at Heathrow like a month ago and that’s what I can say:

  • The project for the third runway is going to be submitted to the government by the midsummer. They have to approve it first, as they have declined it 2 times already. If they will not approve it, Heathrow will not try again (100% valid info. Spoke to the guy from Heathrow Expansion). The third runway will be build as a new northern runway. The document that they are sending contains 1 million pages with detailed explanation of all elements. The committee will have to read it in a short period of time and evaluate. Please note, Heathrow expansion project will be not sponsored by the government at all! as most people think. About 300 houses will be purchased to be brought down in order to fit the new runway. A motorway is also a problem and it will go below the runway. If you want to move it, it will cost another 600 houses. Heathrow are purchasing and building everything with their own money

  • A 6th terminal is not considered right now and will not be considered until the third runway is functional. It also may be a new 1st terminal as the old one was closed.

  • the best design for terminals right now is a satellite design with terminals B and C as shown on the picture below.

    Why? Because terminals which were build like 10 years ago or older (as shown on the picture below) are very not efficient. If an aircraft has a technical problem while pushing back from gate 335 and couldn’t move, all aircrafts inside the terminal are blocked and can’t fly.

  • The other thing, Heathrow now operates on 98% capacity. Why not 100% you’d ask? Because if there is a problem, like snow, for example, and flight would be cancelled, there will be 0% chance they they will recover (Clever, isn’t it).

Great finding, but not in the near future!


Where would they put said 3rd runway, nevermind a 6th terminal.

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It’s proposed to be north of the current 27R, moved slightly west so that the M25 motorway can be directed underneath via a huge tunnel. I think they were then pitching that a new terminal would be on the northern side of the new runway, so it’s a huge job.
Check this video out, explains the majority of it:


That’s the plan of expansion

Also, please read my post as I’ve mentioned it there

Sixth terminal is planned above “Northern runway” label


Thanks for your help, and for the info. :)

Ah Thanks, Mate. Was looking for something like that but couldn’t find anything.

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Ah Alright, thanks.
Haha, cheers, i just found this information at someones channel and decided to publish it here.

That’s great topic! Quite an important one for commercial aviation as a loooot of flight land at Heathrow (every 45 seconds aircraft takes off or lands + more than 78 m passengers a year + 76500 people employed)

Would the runway be 9C/27C?

Also, would it be the longest runway at the airport? @Artem_F

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Oh yeah, if so that would be an absolutely awesome touch.

It will be new 09L/27R and current 09L/27R will be 09C/27C

Also, it is planned to be slightly shorter that other two, either 3200m or 3500m

Well, actually there are already 3 runways at Heathrow! I’ve highlighted it in red. It actually could be used in an emergency. But the chance of using it is almost 0% as it is very short and requires to turn on all systems

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I don’t see any third runway on Google Maps.

And your highlighted runway is going through structures on taxiways.

It is marked as a taxiway nowadays as it is not used as a runway.

That’s Heathrow map from 1945, in green - existing runways, red one - the one i am talking about

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This video by Jay Foreman is good.
It’s about Should Heathrow Expand BTW.


This morning it was confirmed that cabinet have agreeded to plans for a third runways at Heathrow. This is yet to pass through the House of Parliament and is expected to do so in the coming weeks but it is still a major milestone for Heathrow.

The transport sectary believes the plan will be completed by the end of 2026.

The proposed expansion:

Credit BBC news (article linked below)

For more info have a read of the BBC article: Heathrow Airport: Cabinet approves new runway plan


Thanks mate! Will sure to read it. :)

I like the idea of having airports expanded however I completely agree with the MP discussing why we see the need for a ‘national hub’. We have many airports out there that could accept a second runway, increasing the number of aircraft coming into the UK without effecting the already massively congested airspace over London.

@Matt I’ll add a suplemental video for you:

There is a need though because a lot of overseas visitors want to come and visit London as a tourist or business and for long haul aircraft this is the closest point to that. If the airlines want the landing slots there is demand for the expansion. It doesn’t make sense to land someone at Manchester who is coming to visit London. Plus this is privately funded so may pave the way for other airports to expand in the future.

Furthermore no other airport operate at as close to its operating limit as Heathrow does and therefore again makes most sense to expand here as this is the most flow restricted airport currently