New logo, new swag

As we mentioned recently, we are rolling out a new logo for Infinite Flight. Our current logo served us well for the past 5 years and it was time to refresh it to better fit our vision.

We don’t expect everybody to like it since it is a matter of taste (and also ppl don’t like change) but here are a few reason why we liked it:

  • Inline with current flat/material design trends
  • Looks more professional, capturing the idea that IF is for flight simulation enthusiasts, not a “flying game”
  • Capture the essence of the original logo
  • Better aspect ratio to include in square tiles/badges/icons…etc
  • Simpler color scheme for print and to include anywhere

We will soon update the site and app logo but in the meantime you can already treat yourself with one of our new T-Shirts.

We will continue to offer the legacy logo T-Shirts, we think they still look great and are part of Infinite Flight’s history!

Please note that those new shirts can only be shipped in the US for now. We do not have an ETA for when shipping to other countries will be available at this point but we expect it to become available later this year. We will keep you posted.


New logo looks a bit modernized for my tastes but it could have been much worse so good job on that.

Interesting how it makes the new favicon…

“Some of the items in your order cannot be shipped to the selected address.” :(

Like I have said over and over, it’s stunning! It’s very refreshing.

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This is unfortunate indeed. This is the best option we found to keep price as low as possible for our fans but unfortunately they don’t ship outside the US for now. We expect it to become available at some point but they didn’t give us an ETA.

I edited the original post accordingly.


Philippe, have you thought of adding more merchandise? I’m thinking hats, cups, and so forth.


Yes and I wouldn’t be surprised if Amazon Merch adds more product type down the road. For now they only have shirts. We don’t want to deal with multiple services especially when most services are far more expensive.


Do you have an image of the logo that you could include in the post to show us, like the high-res version that would be posted online (not a photo of the t-shirt)? :)

Ordered. :)



Will the logo on the forum be updated as well?

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I wanted to ask that :D

@Nick_Catalano and @JFKPlaneSpotter101. :)

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Now it is! Thx @philippe! You guys are awesome! 😉👍🏼✈️ Words of @Maxmustang, have a peanut :D

New logo
Full HD or almost


Are you guys going to change the forum logo?

They just did…

They just did…

It has already been changed (reload your browser). Also, read before posting, it has been asked and answered already :)

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They just did

Are you guys going to change the one on the app?image