New logo, new swag

Yes, of course. It should be done via a future update :D

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That means that it will take an entire week for apple to review it, yaaaayyyy :( #appleisthebest


Can’t tell if you are trolling or not … please read/search before posting.

I’m sorry, not trolling, is that sometimes I read too fast, I apologize…

I buying both this week Philippe! :D


I like the new logo, definitely a step forward for the sim. The new font is quite neat too!

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Congrats to however designed the new logo, it’s much better than the old one!


I was going to be a d*** and make some sarcastic comment about changing the logo back, but I actually like the new logo. Minimalist and modern feel. Noice.


Can someone please tell my why the logo keeps switching between old and new?

Not sure what you’re talking about… Mine has always been the new logo ever since Philippe added it.

One minute I have the new logo, another I have the old.

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I know you mean the app itself, but how about this? Will the icon for the ability of adding the community link to the home screen change too?

Wow, I really like this new logo! The simplicity of it makes it look good and professional!

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No, it will not. It automatically has the Discourse icon because it’s a Discourse forum.

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Oh, ok. So like the feedback forum, it’s like that, because it’s part of one general media?


Most likely so

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Yeah, I guess so.

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Anyone who wants to buy a shirt in a foriegn country (not the US) can buy one from me if they pay shipping from Amazon to my house and my house to there house and triple the original price.😂😉 Just Kidding

its said 2016 will be a great year for Infinite Flight.
Very good start !

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  • Dash 8
  • New app design
  • New IF logo
  • FDS 2016 livery perhaps?
  • 787 (as announced by David on FB)