New logo for global

I just made this I used it for my YouTube channel I think its cool. How about you?image


I really like it. Good job David


If you read carefully, he says he added it to his youtube channel and not for FDS to use

I mean they could use it I don’t mind

They could but probably wont. With that being said, I like it

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This is pretty cool but I’d probably make the plane and parenthses symbol stand out a little more

I think it is to colerfull to use for the app, but for YT is it the best logo I have seen for IF channels.

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I agree with @DS2001, it would look great for a YT logo!

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Looks OK in my opinion. The only thing is, is that it is too busy and that draws away from the Infinite Flight logo.

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Yes perhaps the logo should be a solid colour on top of the world?

Like the concept of it, good job.


That’s hell cool love it!!

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Hmmmmm a bit bright!

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Looks amazing! 😁
Should be a great logo!

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Its meh. I think the logo is too busy. It looks like the only thing you changed was adding a picture of flags shaped like a globe over the IF logo. It needs cleaning. Overall, its a good concept.

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Oh no !
The actual logo are very fine!

The title just need to be better
Like My new YouTube channel logo

I like that. pretty great pete.

My idea for a new logo: Reverse the Black and the White. Sorry about the low quality in this one.


I think you should also talk to FDS about using this logo on your YouTube channel…


I like it. It’s a little busy, but it’s otherwise really cool.

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