New loading screen?

To celebrate Air France’s new routes from Nice, I decided to do a 2:20h flight to Heraklion Airport, Greece. I used the Airbus A320-200, which is one of my favourites. Got this beautiful pic after parking up on the ramp. what do u guys think? I’d really appreciate it if u guys followed my Instagram, where I post more pics and vids :) @if_pics_portugal

Aircraft: Airbus A320-200
Airline: Air France
Flight time: 2h 23min
Server: Expert


Beautiful shot!

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I mean it’s better than the one we have


If u could get the lighting up it would be better. But it’s still a great photo

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I agree. The one we have now it literally just an a320 turning over the water. But respect to the user.

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Thats beautiful 🤤

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IF only like those type of turning photis like these

How bout this one, it’s my favorite (click on the image for better quality)

Pretty sure this one ain’t turnin.

It’s looks way to good.

Thats since dan posted it

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