“New loading screen” is getting kinda old

Ive noticed recently soooo many topics with something along the lines of: “new loading screen?”

Im not here to hate on people who have posted these topics, but to get the point across that new loading screens dont get chosen on the IFC, but more regularly on IF’s instagram and IF’s discord server, so if you’d like to get loading screens chosen wait for community events on the IF discord or the tag IF on instagram.


I agree here, but I guess people can just do what they want

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Also a lot of these posts tend to have lower quality screenshots that I highly doubt would ever be a loading screen.

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Yes, because i do belive IF has loading screen quality standards

Yes, they do. You have to take it in 4K with the in-game screenshot feature and make sure to take it a bit zoomed out. And pray it actually becomes a loading screen, of course.

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There’s only been 5 in the past 5 months.


That’s weird… because ive seen like 10 this week. Unless they have been closed

More options

Personally, I’m not too much of a fan of these kind of topics where community members tell off others for certain topics or expert server issues. In most cases, users aren’t going to simply stop because there’s a topic from another member telling them to.

Posts that doesn’t align with our community guidelines simply need to be flagged. That all that really needs to be done. A moderator can then review and handle the situation as they see fit.