New Loading Screen? - Gulf Air A321


Picture is a wee bit dark…


Only the developers decide what’s shown on the loading screen. Sorry about that.


I do think more regular changes to the loading screen would be nice.

Yes. Yes it is. Don’t over-edit it.


Yeah, don’t be like me and edit all your pictures to make them look like they’re in storms.


That doesn’t look like its in a storm though. It just looks like someone’s put a black tinted glass pane over it.

You should see mine. #overedited

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Nope it a good shot …nice one

I’m sorry, but that’s better and worse the the OP’s. No matter how much I like the effect,miss dark and that makes it pretty disgusting. I mean, look at the sky! All those ridges!

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Okay will look into that when editing again…thanks for your remark:)

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Also, get a better angle.

And remove that throttle xD

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You are lucky: you have HD graphics. Use that yup your advantage.

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The real question is:
Is it white & gold or black & blue?

Only a few shots actually made it on the loading screen, so it has to be flawless.


Please don’t break the Internet 😂

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That’s an awesome picture

I have one that I think would look good. Don’t think it would be good to put it here though since it isn’t a Gulf Air.

New loading screen guys

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its a gulf air im from its national country bahrain and i always fly with them i think itsa gulf air…

Yeah so proud to be one of them

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