New Livery voting system in the forum

The actual voting system for the liveries (on #features) that we have in the forum, for a big part of the members can be really annoying and insufficent. Why? Unfortunately, the winner isn’t who has the most votes. Is reversed or similar: the livery who has less votes has more chances to win. And the winner livery can replace actual liveries that are more loved by the community.

This can turn in several conflicts in the Forums, Ban, suspension, flags, etc. And actually there is one right now: The removal of the Aeromexico Chrome livery of the 757 (which it looks like its getting solved) and the non-addition of Latin American Liveries, even if they have a High Number of votes, like for example: The Aeromexico Boeing 787-9 “Quetzalcóatl” Livery. This is now very controversial because they think that the devs can add easly American/European liveries, but not Latin American Liveries.

To the Staff members: I really understand your intentions of diversity and inclusion in the 757 update, and in general, like the addition of liveries of airlines that are unknown. But I think that is Unnecessary removing/replacing the actual liveries.

So, Im requesting a change of the livery voting system to a new one. This in particular has categories (depending of the number of votes), and It has the intention of including diversity.

Disclaimer: This request in particular does not belong on the #features category, because is a forum change request.

So, what the livery voting system should be?

The category is depending the number of votes. The staff makes a selection of liveries of each category. For example: “Non-famous” liveries are researched and then, Staff can make a selection of which are going to be added. Then on “less requested”, and then all the same until they reach “Most requested”. A livery of each category should be added, so we can be equal and make diversity, without the danger of any conflict.

Category Votes
Most Requested >100
Highly Requested 99-70
Medium Requested 69-40
Less requested 39-20
Non-Famous liveries <19

So, that is my pruporse of the new livery voting system in the forum. The stuff of #features remains the same: voting. Thanks for reading it and…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)


Agreed I’ve noticed liveries with less than 30 votes get added quickly.


totally agree sometimes only implement the tastes of the community

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I completely agree

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I may be totally wrong when I say this but I think when adding any livery IF must have the licence to use these liveries in the game so they don’t get sued so it may also be a factor to what liveries they can actually use or not.
For example the Hekla Aurora livery has 100+ votes but it hasn’t been added and this may be due to that reason! Again I might be totally wrong!

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Most of the >30 Voted liveries that are added give more diversity.

For example, Ghana Airways which had less then 20 votes has been added but it opened up an entire region to fly in!


That’s the intention: put more liveries well unknown every time.

One thing to consider is that the Infinite Flight staff team doesn’t limit their livery selection process to the #features category. They have said before that it is used as guidance, what the community is most passionate about, but there are many other factors. They gauge interest through the forum, their many social media platforms, and where they want the simulator to be headed in the future.

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I agree with this tbh

At least it may be a way to stop important liveries getting removed


This is a really good and thought out idea

But there wasn’t a feature request for the America West 757, and it doesn’t have diversity, as we already have tons of Liveries from US airlines

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I would change -19 and +100 to <19 and >100, as I got unnecessarily confused when I read “negative 19 votes” 😂

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To add,
I think it’s completely unnecessary to keep on using different means to get back at adding liveries which were removed. A number of staff have already responded to the same things being repeated and I think it’s starting to become childish to keep pestering them which causes arguments and friction. A lot of time and effort was put into all the updates that have come out this year and the devs deserve a lot of praise and recognition for their works rather then nit picking.
This isn’t intended to be negative but I’m just seeing a lot of the same topics being created in different wording and formats.
Thanks :)

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But it was a classical airline that we’ve never had that made a big difference in the future of aviation.


Before the several PMs I get about closing this, I will explain clearly and quickly why it has been closed. It is for the following reasons:

  • There are a number of variables that go into livery lists
  • Forum votes are only one of these, so this idea would not be viable, even if the idea is reasonable
  • Any suggestions or continued implications about prejudice towards liveries from certain areas of the world is utterly unfair and unsubstantiated. We have over 750 livery to aircraft combinations, and we will not accept this attitude towards our staff or moderators
  • Conflict will never be removed. We simply cannot accommodate everyone every time

This is how it is, and we will not be changing the system. We are community driven, not community lead. Whilst the input of forum votes and the community is encouraged and welcomed, it is our decision what features are included in the simulator, liveries included.

Thanks for the topic, and I certainly appreciate the constructive approach, however it is unfeasible at this time.