[New Livery] Alitalia Airbus A319

Airbus A319 Alitalia (New livery!)

Hello Infinite Flight Community, I thought would be a good idea to bring this livery into the simulator for 3 reasons:

  1. There are no planes with the new Alitalia livery in the game.
  2. The Airbus A319 don’t have the Alitalia livery in Infinite Flight.
  3. Let me say this is a nice livery.

This plane is used for several domestic routes and some international flights in Europe.

Famous Domestic routes:

| LIRF - LICC | AZ1731
| LIRF - LICJ | AZ1785
| LIRF - LICT | AZ1801
| LIML - LICC | AZ1701
| LIML - LIEO | AZ1930

Famous International Routes

| LIRF - EHAM | AZ110
| LIRF - LEIB | AZ86
| LIRF - LMML | AZ886
| LIRF - LFPG | AZ318
| LIML - EGLL | AZ248

The Livery

In a press release, the company writes that “after 46 years, the green band will disappear from the fuselage for the first time. At the core of the new livery is a larger tricolour ‘A’ tailfin, which serves as a powerful representation of the Italian flag across the world. A more modern typeface and non-italie
style conveys the confidence and assertiveness of the new Alitalia. A warm ivory fuselage adds an
element of Italian style and elegance to the scheme, and a sense of speed is created by a refined series of bands progressively leading towards the rear of the aircraft. The vibrant and
contemporary new branding will also feature in the cabin décor of Alitalia’s modern fleet of Airbus,
Boeing and Embraer aircraft, allowing for fresher, more stylish, and uniquely Italian interiors which
now feature the type of fine detailing and design associated with luxury sports cars.”

What the executives say about the new livery

"The new livery presented today marks a major milestone in the history of one of the most iconic
Italian brands in the world,"said Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, Chairman of Alitalia. He continued
“We have also unveiled the results of the outstanding work to create more comfortable
interiors and to introduce a strong, innovative service culture. Alitalia’s livery is universally
associated with Italy and viewed as iconic and highly-recognised. However, it was clear that it
needed to evolve to bring Alitalia into the 21 st century in a way that could meet our ambitious
objectives and the most demanding market expectations. What you see here today is classic
Italian style projected into the future with a modern, fresh feel. It is about reconnecting Alitalia with Italy,
and promoting Italy in the world. Our entire company is dedicated to working together to make this happen.”

About the Airbus A319

About Alitalia


Image: https://images.app.goo.gl/V2t3bVqpw9b4oZZw9

Alitalia Virtual looking at this right now 👀👀👀

I don’t have any votes left. But you have my support for this!


@MJP_27 Made on purpose lol, thank you thought ;)


May consider voting, but first F for the stripe:



Amazing livery


Thank you, we all know :)


Great livery, no votes left, got my support tho!

@AliAlex might wanna check it out 👀


Yes, this livery is truly missed in IF, having been unveiled some years ago…

This has my vote of course. ;)


As a semi-Italian I cleared a vote for this little bird. I love the livery!


OMG! G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S !! I honestly love the livery… no votes left but i recken it deserves a boost!


I highly recommend this livery for all the medium range airbus variants we have (a319/320).
I still not understand why the developers didn’t include them before.
Hope to fly soon this beautiful livery with these beautiful airplanes!

@Davide_DC I support you and I vote for it!!

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How it’s possible ?

It’s really incredible and incomprehensible to see that the national airline of Italy, Alitalia, is completely ignored and left aside. It’s quite an important company and it’s only present on the A321 in its old livery ? This is completely unrealistic.

In addition, Alitalia has A321 but also A319s and A320s.
The design of the new livery is however one of the most interesting livery.

I’m really disappointed to see this.
Moreover I have no pleasure to fly with only the A321 and moreover with the old livery.

Photo by @Enzo Gattullo


We Italians also ponder that question quite a bit ;)

Small correction - the 2008. AZ livery is present on the A321 and the B772. Its older version (black nose cone, green stripe on windows, not bellow them, tail logo not on the entire V. Stabiliser.) Is available on the B742 and MD11.

But yeah, we are hoping to see the new 2015. livery added in some time soon, on any aircraft we can get!


Yes of course, I wanted to talk only about the A320 family but I should have specified it ;)


Voted for this bird 😁


You have my vote!


:( sad we didn’t see this when Alitalia still flew the a319

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Yeah, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get it! :)


Well, at least ITA still flies this plane in this livery, for the forseeable future at least ;)

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Bump! I’d love more Alitalia liveries… and ITA for that matter