New liveries

Am curious as to why there are not more liveries available across all plane models.
Is there a limit? Does it take a lot of time to design or setup? If developer resources are being allocated to other projects/fixes like global flight, I am just curious how long would it take one developer to introduce a new livery for one plane model that already exists.


Some planes are older, newer plans tend to have more liveries than the older ones, in addition the textures take up space, especially with the newer planes being 4K textures.


the developers also needs permission from the airline before they even get a chance to start working on it


wow… really? 😳

Right because you’re selling the aircraft and livery(s) for and getting money off it.

yes, unfortunately
that’s the sheer reality of this world

do you think the airline would require IF to pay it royalties?

There is likely an established system as paid aircraft have existed for decades, since at least FS2004.

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i don’t think that information was given out to the public

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What about Air Force One? Did Laura have to pull some strings or tweet Barack for permission? 😉

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Ah, that makes sense.😎🇦🇺

To give some insight, PC fully fledged simulators such as X-Plane have aircraft available such as the A380 for £60 (~$75) for the aircraft and 1 livery, only one.

Now think about it, what are the chances of Barack answering or even reading that message.

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Wow, that is just… insane!

I bet he subscribes to IF Live already 😁

Mr. President likely gets enough messages a day.

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