New liveries for 763?

Ever since the first versions of the 763 there has been little to no new liveries added to the plane. I think we should have new liveries for some of the aircraft. What do you think would work well for the 767?

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Right now as the model is currently outdated for FDS’ standards, they must rework the plane in order to make new liveries. :)


Unfourtanetly this is true! It would take a process for this to work

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Well the good news is that sometime in the future, (not sure when…) each end ever single plane in IF, is supposed to be reworked to the highest standards possible. (Basically how FDS sees fit.)


I think an Icelandair 767 would be nice!!!

Go vote for liveries you would like however it’s unlikely they will be added until a full rework had been done.


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I agree with that theory

Vote Here for that.

What about the new American Airlines livery?

Just use the search button and search whatever you want.