New Liveries Added

Hey I was wondering when new liveries are added 2 IF? Are new liveries added to other aircraft along with the new one, B757 in this case? Thank you in advance

The current liveries that will be added in 20.3 are

  • La Compagnie
  • Jet2
  • Monarch
  • Ghana International
  • Delta Airlines
  • Cabo verde
    You can find the 20.3 tracking thread here.
    The 757-200 is the only plane that we know of right now to be reworked in 20.3 so we will only be getting 757-200 liveries.
    If you have questions related to the 757-200 check the topic I linked to know if it is FAQ.

For 21.1 the A330 will be getting a rework. We do not know any liveries for that yet.


When the 777-300 was reworked were liveries only added for that?

In 20.2 the 77W, 77F, and the 77L were all added. You can find the 20.2 tracking thread here.

Confirmed Liveries

Hope this helps.

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From what I’ve seen so far liveries have been added to some aircrafts without a rework and liveries can be added at anytime the devs decide but usually only the aircraft getting reworked gets new liveries but like I said new liveries can be added unexpectedly sometimes.

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Infinite flight tends to push out updates every now and then adding new liveries to aircraft. For example, in the 20.1 update they added Kenya Airways and the new United livery on the 737. We are expecting this update to add new JetBlue liveries on the a320.

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