New Live/VA subcategory

It is no secret that supporting Virtual Airlines in Infinite Flight is something that we want to explore in the future. Our amazing community is not waiting on us and there are already some great VA organized around our simulator.

It is time for us to give them an official space on this forum to discuss all things VA. This also gives the option for ppl who are not interested in this aspect of IF to opt-out of any VA conversation.

For now that category requires TL2 to create a topic. We want VA discussions to be created by users who took the time to learn about the forum and know its guidelines. Don’t forget to read the VA category specific guidelines as well!


Finally! Good job :)


Thanks so much Philippe!

I like how some previous topics were automatically moved :)

We have a lot of community members who like things to be organized :)



IIRC, you will enjoy this

Finally. Thanks!

Doesn’t make any sense. Even if an user lesser than TL2 posts something about VA stuff regulars/mods just move it to #live:va so tbh this logic doesn’t actually do much

Geez, there are a lot of VA’s in the making. There will soon be too many to choose!

Good point. Old topics have been moved but we can enforce deleting/closing topics about VA that are posted elsewhere.

We will monitor what happens over the next few weeks and will adjust if it causes issues.

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There’s also more and more people joining everyday!


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