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Welcome to Lion Group Virtual Airlines Official Thread

“We Make People Fly”


LGVA - Lion Group Virtual Airlines was founded “July 27th, 2017” by Vino Alviano. Our reason to make LGVA is to see more Infinite Flight Pilots flying around Asia specially South East Asia and we have Route to Australia too. What we offer to you ? We offer you to fly with Our 5 Airlines that are Lion Air , Batik Air , Malindo Air , Wings Air , Thai Lion Air. Group Flight with other member and also routine event it’s activity in LGVA. we will provide the best Experience for you.

We have lots of fleet at LGVA. From ATR 72-600(Using Bombardier Dash-8 Q400) untill A330-300, and also we have 5 Airlines that are Lion Air, Batik Air , Wings Air , Malindo Air , Thai Lion air to Explore Asia specially South East Asia .

List of LGVA Fleet

ATR 72-600 (Use Bombardier Dash-8 Q400)

ATR 72-600 is Fleet of Wings Air wich serves flight Around of Indonesia , and fleet of Malindo Air wich serves flight in Around Malaysia and have destination to Indonesia too. In LGVA , ATR 72-600 is unlocked at Cadet Rank with minimum flight Time 0 Hours

Boeing 737-800

Boeing 737-800 is Fleet of Lion Air , Malindo Air , and Thai Lion Air. In LGVA , Boeing 737-800 Unlocked at Second Officer with Minimum 15 Hours flight time.

Airbus A320-200

Airbus A320-200 is fleet of Batik Air wich serves Flight Around Indonesia who have Destination from/to Jakarta , Surabaya , Makassar , Denpasar , and more other destination . In LGVA , Airbus A320-200 Unlocked at Second Officer with minimum flight time 15 Hours.

Boeing 737-900

Boeing 737-900 is Fleet of Lion Air , Malindo Air , and Thai Lion Air . In LGVA , Boeing 737-900 Unlocked at First Officer Rank with minimum flight time 50 Hours.

Airbus A330-300

Airbus A330-300 is Fleet of Lion Air , and Thai Lion Air . In LGVA , Airbus A330-300 is Unlocked at Captain Rank with minimum flight time 100 Hours.

Ranking System in LGVA

In LGVA , we have 9 Ranking System wich 5 first Ranks is Basic Ranks , and 4 last Ranks is Special Ranks

Ranks Minimum Hours Unlocked
Cadet 0 Hours ATR 72-600 (Use Bombardier Dash-8 Q400)
Second Officer 15 Hours Boeing 737-800 , Airbus A320
First Officer 50 Hours Boeing 737-900
Captain 100 Hours Airbus A330-300
Senior Captain 300 Hours Historic Routes
Green Senior Captain 450 Hours
Yellow Senior Captain 650 Hours
Red Senior Captain 800 Hours
Golden Senior Captain 1000 Hours

LGVA have 2 sectors of staff. Board of directors and lower management.

Board Of Director

Vino Alviano - Chief Officer Operation

“hello my name is Vino Alviano, I am CEO at LGVA. My role was managing and approving any changes to the rules or systems in the LGVA. I like the world of aviation since childhood. I have been playing Infinite Flight since August 12, 2016, my favorite planes are the Airbus A320 and the Boeing 737. See you on the Sky :)”

Ricardo Ricky - Chief Operation Officer

“Hello, my name is Ricardo Ricky, I’m COO in LGVA, my Role is assist the CEO and other staff in developing LGVA towards a more advanced and better direction. My main task is like a Shoe that provides comfort in all types of terrain.”

Lower Management

Leonardo Kim - Event Manager

“Hello, my name is Leonardo Kim, but my Friends call me Udin. I am Event Manager in LGVA. my role was creating Event managing and overseeing the Event running. I Like Aviation and Drifting”

Farhatsyah Zamri - Route Manager


“Hi, My name is Farhat, I am your Route Manager in LGVA. I can arrange the route and will update all of the route at LGVA on the route database. I also going to make the Route Of The Week for LGVA. Joining this VA is a very great experience. Earlier, i’m just a pilot on this VA but now i’m one of the staff member. We hope all of you joining this VA will have a great experience. See you in the sky!”

Gamal Akbarul Hakim - Recruiter


“hello my name is Gamal Akbarul , I am Recruiter at LGVA. My role . test for eligibility for entry to this VA, and pilot acceptance. I like the world of aviation since childhood. I have been playing Infinite Flight since last years, my favorite planes are the Airbus A330, Boeing 789 and the Boeing 737. See you on the Sky :)”

Christian Pantow - HR Manager


“hello my name is Christian Pantow, i am HR manager in LGVA . I live in Manado , North Sulawesi , Indonesia .
my hobby is making or assembling model airplane kits like Hasegawa , revell hobbybos , and scalemate .
my favorite plane is BOEING 737 and 727 THE AWESOME THREE HOLER oh yeah . I like the MADDOG MD 82/90 series too”

We have 600+ routes to explore, and also realistic flight number. as we speak, we have 5 Airlines to explore. if you want to see the routes, click here

Why You have to join with US ? We are Virtual Airlines who have Routes in Asia specially South East Asia. If you join with us, you can fly with Lion Group and you can fly Around Asia specially South East Asia

Minimum Requirement to Join LGVA
  • Minimum Grade 3
  • 13 Years or above
  • Have an Infinite Flight Pro Subscription
  • Have an IFC Account
  • Can using Pirep minimum 1x in 1 Month
  • Good Standing in IFC
  • Able to use Slack

If you meet Requirement to Join LGVA , You will be contacted by LGVA Recruiter Team to continue with Theory Test or Practical Test. First you have to do Practical Test. If you get practical test sccore above 70/100, You don’t have to do Practical test, but if your sccore below 70/10, you have doing Practical test

LGVA Theory Test

LGVA Theory Test Is written test with 20 question Including ATC Communication Knowledge ,etc. You must get score minimum 70 to pass the Theory Test, If you fail, you have to doing Practical test

Practical Test

LGVA Practical Test is Flying Test from Airport A to B (the Route and Aircraft will be chosen by the recruiter), and after you finish, you have to send Infinite Flight Replay to LGVA Recruiter Team

Join With LGVA (Apply)

*Lion Group Virtual Airlines is in no way related to the real-world Lion Group Airlines Co. All trademarks and logos remain property of their respective owners.


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Welcome to new LGVA Staff!

Board of Director

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Lower Management



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