New Lens, New Shots

Hey everyone, so last Tuesday my brand new camera lens finally arrived after a 2 week wait. I’ve now upgraded to a 75-300mm lens. That weekend I had to go to the airport to test it out. Here are some of the shots I got.

First up we’ve got an Aer Lingus A320 departing for Manchester.

Next up, Etihad B789 just rotating off of runway 28L heading for Abu Dhabi.

So it was at about this point where my phone died and I could no longer check FR24, I know, I’m extremely well organized. Anyway, I had no idea what I was going to see at this point, but boy was I in for a nice surprise.

So I’m sitting there, kinda bored because it’s been quiet now for about 5 minutes, when out of the corner of my eye I see a Virgin Atlantic A350-1000 touching down on the runway. Now, I was aware Virgin had been sending their A350 to Dublin for a while now, but this was still a one time catch, especially at Dublin!

So, after that an AirFrance A320 departed for Paris.

The usual EK162 then departed, but this time Emirates were showing off their beautiful 50 year livery!

Any Swiss fans? Here’s LX406 vacating runway 28L after landing from Zurich.

Now, back to Aer Lingus, how about 2 A333s? Wouldn’t be a Dublin Airport spotting trip without them.

First one is headed for Boston.

Second one is arriving from Malaga.

Last but not least, also a first time for me. A Turkish Airlines A332 arriving from Istanbul.

That’s all from me guys, hope you like my shots. Thanks for stopping by!

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Thanks mate!! It’s a very good spot for takeoffs. Unfortunately I don’t know the road as I don’t live in Dublin 😅👍

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Very nice!

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Nice shots! Especially love the A220!

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Thank you!!

Oh my Lordy lord 🥵

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Sound Ryan!

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Damn they are incredible Seán 🥵. Can’t wait to see what else you are able to capture with the new lens 👍

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Thanks Luke! I too am looking forward to getting more shots with this new lens, definitely makes spotting 100 times more enjoyable

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Very nice Shots

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Thanks mate! 😁

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