New Lawsuit Against Boeing

United flight attendants Lee Sanders and Matthew Sodrok are suing Boeing in the Houston Federal Court. The reason? Permanent hearing loss. In January of 2017, a UA flight from Denver to Houston on a 737 was flying without difficulty, when a sudden and ear splitting noise erupted throughout the cabin. The fire alarm was blaring even with an absence of smoke and fire.

“This malfunction resulted in plaintiffs’ ears’ drums bursting and bleeding, and permanent hearing loss to plaintiffs’ ears,” court papers said

Both attendants claim that Boeing is liable for not designing smoke detectors that A. Actually detect smoke and B. Don’t blare at ear-damaging decibels.

United is not being sued, as they had nothing to do with this incident.


YIKES!!! It’s gonna be interesting to see what happens from this.


Oh no, looks like the future of Boeing is going to be bad.

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Why is the smoke detector designed to be so loud?

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So everybody can hear it loud and clear I am assuming…

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I think it’s because the engine noise is very loud and to be heard the alarm should be that loud

This will probably get thrown out of court

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Hope so! I love Boeing.

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Well, my parents can’t hear, but I don’t think it’ll get thrown out but they will be not guilty. It’s a case they have to investigate.


Smoke alarms huh… that’s alarming


Well I don’t think we need to burst eardrums with the fire alarm. Let’s see where this goes.


Wow! Look forward to updates!