New laptop, any apps?


I just got a new laptop is there anything I can use infinite flight on here as in like checklists or anything similar?

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Kevin James

what laptop Is it?

I would recommend
Its a free source of a lot of Aeronautic charts
You only need a Vatsim account and that’s all

Macbook Air

ahh ok, I believe you can use a joystick and use live flight connect. Also if you have foreflight you can enable foreflight .

What if I don’t have a joystick? Also, is there like checklists or something so I can have successful flights?

All of the Infinite Flight companion apps that you need can be found in the Infinite Flight 3rd Party Database. I don’t recall which ones are available for Mac, but I’m sure you’ll be able to find some of them. If not, there’s an abundance of companion websites that are also available for your needs. Happy flying!

Ok I would recommend Flightaware and Flightradar24 for flightplanning, airport information, and just it is that these are key to any aviation enthusiast’s life. Also, I would recommend using jeppenssen charts for the procedures you follow (just search up airport ICAO charts and they should appear.) I also use Windy for weather information and maybe even LiveATC to see how the airport is operating at the time.


Thank You!

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Did you get the M1 MacBook or one of the previous generation ones?

Yeah I got the M1

Navigraph is one to download as well, though it comes at a price for the subscription it is very helpful with finding charts for your airports to look more into the procedures of the particular airport

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