New language specific categories

This is great! I’ll definitely help in the spanish category!

still do not know if it’s a good idea , there are now many online translators where we can all pass on our thoughts , perhaps creating sub categories in other languages ​​it is likely to create ghetto…

MaxSez: let’s not forget our Arabic & Hindi speakers. Plus in what catagory would this sub-Catagory be found?


MaxSez: @MarcelloM… “Ghetto”, a prajarative term my friend. Let’s just think of it this category as our “Melting Pot”!

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@Maxmustang excuse my friend , I wanted to say that the great thing about this community is that all try to cominicare in English, and other languages ​​if there were many of us may not participate in the discussion,sorry for understanding

These are not for general discussion. Just for #support topics.

Ah!so it’s wonderful!i don’t understand that was for support,sorry…

@MarcelloM… MaxSez… My apologies Marcello I should have tempered my comment. I forgot that many of our members have English as a second language. I’ll consider the source more carefully in the future before I put my foot in my mouth. Mi scusi, Max


No way, you Dutch kids should practice English it will be valuable for the rest of your life and speaking only Dutch on the forum will make the interaction with others very limited as we are with a max of 7-8 people.


I can speak English but writing is the problem and i’m only 14 years old

So this is a great place to improve that :)

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Yea thats true

Hope to see Indonesian sub-category (Though this is unlikely to happen soon). Chinese would be a Good Addition too (I Can speak/write in Chinese, But I’m Not too good in Chinese :p). Japanese/Korean also Will be a Good Addition too due to the Fact That Many Japanese/Korean can’t speak/write English Fluently.

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I think German is a necessity. I know loads of German peeps here (* @BavariaAVIATION, @Cayler, @MarioWHVGER and @Nick_Art (Swiss German speaker) and it would be popular.


Yes, there are many German’s here, but that doesn’t mean they need a category. All of the people you listed know how to speak English. The language specific categories are meant for people that do not know how to communicate in English.

Every student in germany has at least 3 years with english lessons. Should be enough to express yourself quite well ;)

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Do a German one :p

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