New language specific categories

We just created language specific sub categories so we can help our non-native english speakers in the community.

For now we added French and Spanish, feel free to let us know what other language we should add. Please note that we will add new languages if we see that we have enough community members who are fluent in that langage as well as english.


Great decision! Just curious to as why you chose those languages? The most used?

Can you add the Dutch catgerory?

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The ones that a few ppl in the moderation team already speak.


I would like German.

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If we see a real need for a Dutch support category, we will; all the Dutch ppl I know speak better english than most english ppl I know ;)

Remember, those are for support topics only… not a place for general discussions.


There’s been an influx of asian support topics. Perhaps add Korean or Chinese?


Chinese is a major IF community, I agree


Oke I understand, thanks Philippe! I have PM with @Jan_Polet @DS2001 @Joost3008 @Aernout and the rest of the Duchmen :)

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I’m fluent in German if needed. Otherwise, Chinese category would probably be next (I don’t know the language though)

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I can help out in thai and a bit lao, if needed

@philippe I suggest putting a post in each subcategory (in its specific language) pinned letting those know what it is for. I think it wouldn’t hurt. Something general…

“Hello to all ______________ speakers. This area of the forums is to aid those that do not speak English to seek support for anything they may need. If you need help, please post here and dont forget to designate your topic to this specific subcategory”

This is planned … takes some time :)


Hi @philippe it will be great if you can added Italian.thank you!

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I honestly haven’t noticed a lot of Italian users here. There’s no need to add an Italian subcategory if you know how to speak English.

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Yes,is there are many , believe me!

Most Italians know how to speak English. There is no need to have a category if they already know how to speak English.

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Oh yes of course we know English! :) but if is possible to add italian will be great! I’m joking,doesn’t mean!

Those categories are only for international IF users who have issues and can’t express them in english. The goal is for our community to help with those but also to help us know when there are issues that could be specific to certain languages (like ATC voice, datetime issues, etc…)


Ok,understand…rightly so!thank you!