New klm livery

I really like the New KLM livery I would hope to see Some innovations in livery


i hope they might add it to the 777-300er

Looks absolutely gorgeous on every plane, Fokker 70, 747, 777, 787, E-Jets, 737s… I can’t say that about a lot of liveries too!

So yes please bring on the new KLMs!

Yeaaa right I would love to see that New 777-300

I’m dutch ant cant wait until dey add the new livery

What does the new look. Look like


Woah how did you do the Google that g its so cool!!
There was pretty much nothing that changed besides the cockpit part of the paint

I am dutch to but I think they Will improve that at an certain point. The New 777-300er and New livery

Maby with the F70?

Yes would be Nice I think

It’s called the “Smiling Dolphin”

Its gorgeous on the 787! 😍😍😍

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i like it on the 747 and the 787 also

Maybe they can also add the Airbus a330

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i would fly the plane with that livery on it alot

@Wolff_Stolk cant wait for the new livery!


Yeaa guys New klm 747-400 New livery

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It has been confirmed for the KLM 744.

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Its the best livery i ever saw