New Jettime B737-800

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Jettime has introduced it’s new livery a little time ago. I think it looks way better than the old one.

Jettime is a Danish airline with headquarters in Kastrup, Denmark. Their bases are Copenhagen, Helsinki, Aalborg and Billund. The old Jettime filed for bankruptcy in July 2020, but it continued operations again in October 2020. Jettime is a charter airline but it also operates scheduled services. They mostly fly from Northern Europe to Holiday destinations in Southern Europe. Jettime operates 1 737-700 and 7 737-800s. They have ordered 1 738 and 2 739s. For a full list of destinations and more information about the airline, check the following wikipedia site.

Remember, we only need to get to the top 5 most requested liveries for this to be added😉

Thank you for your time!

Unfortunately I am out of votes but this airline is extremely underrated and I would love to see more scandinavan airlines on IF!


Kinda looks plain, but is nice!

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I just found one with split scimitars

This thread went quiet so quickly😅. I really hope we could get this soon so that we have a holiday carrier out of northern European countries in IF

Let’s get a new holiday carrier into IF! This one specialises in Northern Europe where we don’t have too much traffic.
This aircraft is flying Gran Canaria to Vaasa, which is a small city in Finland. This livery would open new interesting medium haul routes in Europe!

Now that we are getting the new Condor liveries, we’re gonna have a holiday carrier based in central Europe. I think it would be good to add one from Northern Europe as well! It would add some interesting realistic routes.




I really want to do this route:

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There are also a whole bunch of interesting routes from the nordic countries to southern europe. For example I’ve seen flights from Gothenburg in Sweden and Vaasa in Finland

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Yes! It looks nice!

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