New Jetstar Airbus A320

Jetstar A320 | New Livery


Hey Everyone! As you can tell by the title, today I am requesting the Jetstar A320.

Now, I know what you may be thinking.

But don’t we already have the Jetstar A320 in Infinite Flight?

Yes, we do.

But, the Jetstar A320 that we currently have in Infinite Flight is registered VH-VQB, and no longer is owned or operated by Jetstar. Since the aircraft was removed from service with Jetstar, they have revealed their new logo, which they have been using for quite some time now. Some of the differences between the new livery and the old livery are:

  • The ‘.com’ section of the logo is gone, being replaced with a ‘Jetstar Orange’ star

  • The slogan ‘All Day, Every Day, Low Fares’ is written in ‘Jetstar Orange’

  • The underbelly of the aircraft is painted ‘Jetstar Orange’, and contains a simplified version of the logo

  • The flap track fairings are painted orange at the tip

  • The silver colour of the fuselage is now a lighter metallic

  • The newer Jetstar A320’s feature Sharklets, instead of Dorito Winglets.

All of this makes for a better looking livery, that in my opinion, doesn’t look as low cost as some other liveries.

Aircraft Information

Registration: VH-VFP

First Flight: 04/09/2013

Age: 5.8 Years (As of June 2019)

Engines: 2 x IAE V2527-A5

Jetstar Airways

Jetstar is an Australian low-cost carrier, owned by Qantas. They are based in Melbourne and have a fleet of 787-8’s, A320’s and A321’s. They operate to destinations in Australia, New Zealand, America, China, Singapore, Thailand and more. They were established in 2003 and the current CEO is Gareth Evans.

If you like this livery and want to see it in Infinite Flight, please show your support by voting!

Great Idea Im so onboard with it! ;)


Thanks mate!

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Like it! Surprised someone didn’t request this already!

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Thanks mate! Yeah, there was a request for it, but it didn’t look very nice so I flagged it made this one.

I seriously see no difference between the old and new logo…

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Trust me, there is a difference. If you put this photo and this photo side by side you should see it.

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Yes, please! Voted. This livery is on most of their aircraft and looks far better than the older version.


Made a concept of what this would look like in the sim, hopefully we can see this sometime soon!


Yes Definitely ! I’d love to see this over the current dated livery in IF! Voted

We need this to replace the old one HECK even the 788 has the new livery (I think)

Boosting cause I think the jetstar livery should be updated in IF

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Just giving this a lil boostie boost cuz this livery has been in need of being updated for a while now!


Bumping this topic up! Since we got updated Qantas 787-9 livery, why not Jetstar A320?

bumping cuz this is a well needed revision of the livery

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Would love to see this updated version in the game, they have some pretty cool routes in Australia, a great opportunity to see more of our beautiful scenery!

Bump this , love the idea definitely need a new Jetstar livery but Australia’s just forgotten in IF and VQB isn’t even with Jetstar anymore

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I’m surprised this hasn’t’ gained that much attention. This is a priority for us Aussies 🇦🇺🇦🇺

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Definitely with you mate.