New JetBlue a220

Hey! So yesterday I went to KFLL (Ft. Lauderdale Hollywood Int’l Airport) to take some pictures and I caught the new JetBlue A220 departing on runway 10R.



You made an A220 look good? That’s one of the rarest things I’ve ever seen and quite frankly I thought it was impossible before seeing this topic.

Awesome photos!


AMAZING! no words, beautiful.

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That’s awesome! It came here a few days ago to do some patterns, I was really bummed I couldn’t go see. Hopefully they send it here once they get a few more in the fleet and start normal routes on it.

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Now the best plane is with one of the best airlines! Great job!

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What a great looking airplane, very well captured! I just love how the light hits the colourful tail with the shiny blue colours, really cool! So happy to see the A220 around, thanks for sharing!

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This moment is perfect rn. Pov:

  • Listening to my favorite song
  • Sees jetBlue photos
  • Sees its at KFLL (my home airport)
  • Pictures are 10/10
  • A220

Yeah, these moments dont come too often. Incredible job!

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